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thank you...

for joining the SOAR Focus Group where you will participate in a two-week pilot program! Even though I can't be with you to guide you on this leg of your parenting journey, I am certain that the materials below that I created during the last few years of my life for you parents will give you the insight, confidence, and success you need to help instill some good old pioneer discipline in your sons. Before you begin, please watch the first video below by my wingman Robbie Grayson. 

Aim High!

DAYS 1-3
DAYS 4-9
DAYS 10-14

Hello, my name is Robbie, and I am your SOAR Pilot Program Facilitator.

the resources below...

are everything that you and your cadet will need to complete the pilot program. Videos 1 & 2 are required and able to be viewed for the pilot program. Also, there is a link below where you can buy Little House on the High Plains.

  • 10 Inspirational Videos

  • Parent Guide

  • Cadet Manual

  • Book Discounts

  • Resource Guide

  • Teaching Templates

  • Reading Guide


Below, you will find that Videos 1 & 2 are live, required and able to be viewed for the pilot program. The reading list is divided according to the character trait discussed. Your son should watch the video that corresponds to his reading schedule which means that he will watch both videos several times throughout this course.




Below, you will find the Parent Resource Guide that contains more than you need to know (if you're curious enough). Also, you will find the Cadet Schedule in which your son will find his reading list and the lessons that accompany them.

The SITREPS are below that.



      1           2           3            4           5


      1           2           3            4           5

Little House on the High Plains is the only book that your son will need to complete the focus group activity. Both Little House on the High Plains and Jet Pioneer are a click away on Amazon.


If you have any questions or comments about the SOAR Program during the next fourteen days, please, send them in the contact form below. All the best!

Contact me with any questions
that you might have.

Thanks! Message sent.

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